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Woman bit garda after pub row

A YOUNG woman bit a garda who tried to arrest her for stealing a pub doorman's ID badge when she was refused entry on a night out, a court heard.

Inga Espinosa (25) was ordered to pay €2,000 to charity to avoid a prison sentence after she admitted assault, theft and a public order charge.

The warehouse worker had a "lot of drink taken" when she got into a row with door staff at a city centre pub.

Espinosa, with an address at Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1, admitted assaulting Garda William Godfrey, causing a breach of the peace and stealing the security man's badge at The Temple Bar, Temple Lane, on August 28.

Dublin District Court heard she removed the badge during an altercation with the doormen and put it in her pocket.

When gardai arrived, she resisted arrest and bit one of them.

The court heard the defendant's memory of the incident was "very vague", but she accepted the garda's evidence.

She had "tried to look at the security man's number" during the incident and did not recall biting the garda.


The court heard Espinosa worked in a warehouse, was originally from Latvia and had been in Ireland for five years. Her marriage in Latvia had broken up.

Judge John Coughlan said he wanted the defendant to bring €2,000 to court or she was "going to jail".

When Espinosa returned with €1,000, he said the court would accept this, but adjourned the case for the payment of the balance. The defendant's solicitor asked the judge to bear in mind that Espinosa was "in difficulty with debts".

"I'll take another grand," Judge Coughlan insisted.

He ordered that the money be paid over to the Garda Benevolent Fund.

When asked what he intended to do if the money was paid, he replied: "I will be very reasonable, as you know, but I won't be reasonable if it's not dealt with."