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Woman accused of garda attack says case is conspiracy

A DUBLIN woman accused of punching a garda so hard in the face the officer's nose "exploded with blood" has alleged that the case against her is a "conspiracy".

Kelly Reid's defence maintains that gardai have conspired to bring assault and public order charges against her following the incident at a city garda station.

Reid (27) insists she hit the female garda in self-defence, claiming the officer was attacking her. She told Dublin District Court that two other alleged assaults did not happen at all. Ms Reid denies repeatedly telling gardai after her arrest that Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy was her uncle.

Reid told the court they were not related and garda evidence that she said this was a "fabrication".

The defendant, with an address at the time at Basin Street, Dublin 8, denies three counts of common assault, having allegedly bitten Detective Garda Stephen Walsh at Ewington Lane, Dublin 8, and punched Garda Susan McLoughlin afterwards at Kilmainham Garda Station. She also denies failing to obey garda directions on July 4, 2008.

On the day of the incident, Reid said she was returning with the children from a day at the beach in Bray when she came upon Garda McLoughlin dealing with an abusive youth.

She said she was texting on her phone, and not filming the officer, as Garda McLoughlin had said in evidence. The garda asked her name and she did not want to give it because of advice she alleged the Garda Ombudsman gave her. She said that she was a witness in the case of a complaint against a garda and had been "harassed and intimidated" by officers since.

The Ombudsman had advised her to only give her name and address to higher-ranking members of the force, she told the court.

When she did not give Garda McLoughlin her name, the officer grabbed her and told her this was an offence, she claimed. The garda called for backup and four patrol cars arrived, with officers coming at her "from every angle". She denied being aggressive as she was being taken to a patrol car.

Reid's account of what allegedly happened in Kilmainham Garda Station differed from the version of events given by garda witnesses.

She alleged she was taken for a "strip search". She told the court she was back in the public office when Garda McLoughlin arrived and said: "I'll get her name off her." She alleged the garda said "come here you, you fat g** bag" and jumped violently on her.


"I just stuck up my hand -- it was a reflex of self-defence," Reid said. "It wasn't a closed fist. [The garda] did bleed. I was awfully sorry. I kept saying I'm very sorry, I'm not this kind of person, you are bringing out the worst in me".

Reid said "50pc" of the prosecution's case did not happen. State Solicitor Rachel Joyce said the prosecution rejected "the entirety" of Reid's account.

Judge Catherine Murphy said she would give her decision later this week after reviewing the evidence.