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'Wolf pack' robbers' brutal attack on dad

A TEENAGE boy is accused of being a member of a gang with a "wolf-pack mentality" which brutally attacked a man during a Dublin street robbery.

Dublin Children's Court was told the man, who is in his 30s, was attacked by a gang on September 13 last year while walking along North Great George's Street.

Garda Michael Coyne told Judge Ann Ryan that the victim, whose face was badly bruised in the attack, had planned to send his young son to a school in that area but had dropped these plans because of the robbery.

The effects of the attack were revealed during a preliminary hearing to determine the trial venue for one of the alleged muggers, a 17-year-old boy from the city's north side.

The juvenile court heard it was alleged the man walked past four youths and was then approached from behind and one of them tried to grab his iPhone from his hand.

Garda Coyne said the man was knocked to the ground at which point the boy attempted to grab his phone when it came loose.

The man tried to stop the boy and a struggle ensued at which point another youth "kicked him in the face, knocking him to the ground in a semi-unconscious state".


The phone was taken and the group fled, Garda Coyne said.

Earlier, it had been ruled that three other youths charged with the robbery should be tried in the Circuit Court. Another judge who had dealt with the issue of jurisdiction in relation to one of the suspects, described the alleged attack incident as "wolf-pack mentality".

Yesterday, Judge Ryan was asked to retain the 17-year-old boy's case in the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Defence counsel Aoife McNickle said the teenager had been with older people during the incident, was 16 at the time and allegedly had a more minor role in the incident.

She also asked the court to note that it was not the State's case that the boy had instigated the robbery and it was not alleged that he kicked the man.

Judge Ryan told the teen that it was a serious matter and the evidence showed he had a lesser role.

But she added: "You were all in this together and it is not a matter for this court," as she refused jurisdiction. This means he faces trial in the Circuit Court.

He was remanded on bail.