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'Wife tried to kill me off with poison in protein powder'


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A father has told a court his wife "tried to finish me off" by poisoning his protein powder.

During a successful barring order application against his wife at the family law court in Ennis, Co Clare, the man said his wife "tried to kill me" when mixing crushed paracetamol tablets with his whey powder in August.

The gym enthusiast said the only thing that saved him when tasting the contaminated whey powder in a water mix "was that it was so vile after taking the first slug out of the bottle, I didn't drink any more".

The man said he and his wife - who cannot be named for legal reasons - enjoyed "a normal marriage" until the last two years, when "something changed in my wife and she seemed to be on a track of trying to damage and harm me in any way she could".

The man said his wife accused him of having an affair with his own sister and a work colleague. "My wife had told me that she hates me, she wants me dead and she is going to get rid of me," he said.

Addressing Judge Patrick Durcan while breaking down, the man said: "I am a good dad and I love my kids. I want to be here as long as I can.


"My kids could have ended up without me. I don't care about houses. I don't care about money. I don't care about anything. I want to be able to love my kids and be here for my kids.

"I am afraid that something else will happen. I am in fear of my life and my children's lives."

Judge Durcan granted the man and the couple's children a barring order against the woman for 12 months.

The wife wept as Judge Durcan made his order. He said she "did terrible things".

Judge Durcan said the return of the woman to the family home "at this point in time would have a serious effect on the welfare of this family".

Asked about mixing the crushed paracetamol tablets with the whey powder, the wife said: "I did a stupid thing and I will regret it for the rest of my life. I wasn't trying to kill him like he said. If I wanted to kill him, I would have put a load in.

"I did it to make him sick because he made me sick. He was at me and at me and at me and I just wanted it to stop."

The woman was admitted into psychiatric care the same day she admitted her plot. The court heard she tried to take her own life during the summer.

In making the barring order, Judge Durcan said there are reasonable grounds for believing that the safety and welfare of the applicant and the children "would be compromised if an order was not made".