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Wife put soap in my noodles – gardai told

A MAN called gardai claiming his wife had poured washing-up liquid into his noodles.

But husband Lucky Hope (39), of Lus Na Meal, Banduff, Co Cork, ended up in court.

Mr Hope told the court all he could taste was "soap" when he ate his noodles.

When queried by Judge Con O'Leary as to why the noodles were not bubbly, Mr Hope told the court it was because his wife Carmel placed the soapy liquid under the noodles.

"I cooked the noodles and I had chicken in the oven. I was waiting to put the chicken on the noodles. I went to the sitting room. I was watching telly. I went back into the kitchen to take my chicken out of the oven. I put my food on the table. I put the noodles in my mouth. The whole thing was liquid, it was soap," Mr Hope said.

Mr Hope then called gardai to their home to "come and see".

Mr Hope appeared before Cork District Court yesterday on a charge of breaching a safety order putting his wife, Carmel Hope, in fear. She claimed that she was in fear and when gardai arrived, she showed them the safety order.


"He threatened me I was going to get what was coming to me. He was threatening my life.

"For a certain amount of time he is calm and fine. It is like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. I am terrified of him," Ms Hope told the court.

Mr Hope's solicitor, Frank Buttimer, asked Ms Hope about the noodles, asking if she considered it unusual that a person would make up such a matter.

"He is a pathological liar," she replied.

She told the court her husband travelled to Dublin in a bid to find a job. She said he did not phone her for five days – and when she attempted to contact him via his mobile phone, he was not reachable.

Mr Hope returned home on May 8, they day when the alleged incident regarding the soapy noodles occurred.

Mr Buttimer told Judge O'Leary the reason his client called gardai on the day in question was so they could know what had occurred.

Judge O'Leary ruled: "I cannot say I am sure beyond reasonable doubt that Ms Hope was in fear, so I am obliged to dismiss the matter."