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Wife of nightclub boss gets speed fine

RENOWNED nightclub boss Robbie Fox was cleared yesterday of a speeding offence after his wife took responsibility and was fined €100.

Mr Fox, who ran VIP hotspot Renards for 17 years, was summoned to appear at Dublin District Court as a result of the non-payment of an €80 fixed penalty notice for speeding, allegedly sent to his address in Greystones, Co Wicklow.

The court heard his car was detected driving at 70kph in a 60kph zone, at the N81, Blessington, Wicklow, last July 14.


He told Judge Michael Coghlan "my wife was driving at the time". He also claimed he did not receive the fixed penalty notice.

His wife, Martina Fox, presented her driving licence and verified she had been the driver, and that she accepted the speeds she had been doing.

The judge changed the names on the court summons and fined her €100 which he said must be paid within four months otherwise there would be a four-day jail term in default.