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Wife hurt in struggle for knife, murder accused claims

A MAN on trial charged with seriously injuring his wife has told the jury that she must have been wounded when she tried to grab a knife from him after he found her with another man.

Shahzad Hussain, of Woodland Avenue, Mosney, Co Meath, has pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Rashida Bibi Haider (41), and to intentionally or recklessly causing her serious harm.

Hussain (31) has also pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife's cousin and his own distant relative, Muhammad Arif (32) on January 7, 2011.

He's alleged to have stabbed them both in their livers on January 6, 2011, at Mr Arif's apartment in Fitzwilliam Court, Dyer Street, Drogheda, Co Louth.

The accused and Ms Haider had moved out of that apartment separately in the previous month, after their arranged marriage encountered problems.

Ms Haider has previously testified that she was in the apartment collecting some things on January 6 last year, when her husband arrived, became angry stabbed them both. The trial has heard that she underwent surgery in Drogheda on the day of the stabbings while Mr Arif died in hospital a day later.


Hussain entered the witness box on the 12th day of his trial at the Central Criminal Court. He said that he went to the apartment that day to speak to Mr Arif. He had no key but a member of staff let him in, recognising him as a tenant.

He said he made noise with a door as he entered the apartment and when he turned towards Mr Arif's room, he saw his wife lean down to pick up her clothes and 'go running' into Mr Arif's en suite.

"Arif was there in bed," he said. "I was sweating. I was very upset. I was very angry."

He said he then followed his wife to the kitchen, where he told her he would call her family and Mr Arif's family to tell them what was going on.

"Rashida was behind me. I fell on Rashida. The knife was on the shelf. I picked up the knife and said to Arif to go out. He kept on abusing me, my mother: the worst possible abuses."

Hussain's barrister, Dominic McGinn, asked him if he used the knife on Mr Arif.

"Yes," he replied. "On his right side, I stabbed."

The trial continues.