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Widow sues husband's murderer for damages

THE widow of a community activist gunned down outside their family home has launched an action for damages over his murder.

Margaret Madden suffered a heart attack as her husband and father-of-three Terence bled to death after he was shot twice outside their Sligo home on January 28, 1999, the High Court heard.

Now Mrs Madden has sued the men who were involved in the ambush and death of her 52-year old husband in what is believed to be the first action of its kind where damages are sought by the family of the victim of a contract killing.

Michael Doohan, who is now serving life for the murder, claimed he ordered a punishment beating for Mr Madden, the court heard.

Mrs Madden is seeking aggravated and punitive damages for assault, battery, intimidation and conspiracy. Ms Justice Mary Irvine will deliver her assessment of the damages to be awarded next Tuesday.