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Wedding brawl got 'out of hand' after wife was attacked


Keith Dixon and Mark Kane pleaded guilty to violent disorder

Keith Dixon and Mark Kane pleaded guilty to violent disorder

Keith Dixon and Mark Kane pleaded guilty to violent disorder

Two friends took part in a brawl after a wedding at a hotel when a row in the lobby "got out of hand", a court heard.

Mark Kane (37) and Keith Dixon (41) both punched another man who started the fight, while Kane also kicked a woman who was attacking his own wife.

Both accused were bound to the peace for a year after they admitted their part in the fight.

Kane, of Ashfield Park, Mulhuddart, and Dixon, from Cruise Park Drive, Tyrellstown, pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

Garda Claire Higgins told Blanchardstown District Court the incident happened at the Springfield Hotel in Leixlip, Co Kildare, on January 20, 2018.

She said an incident happened in the lobby at 2.10am after a wedding when an altercation was started by a third party.


Dixon punched this third party a number of times.

Kane also got involved, punching and kicking the man who started the fight.

He also "kicked a female who was in the process of attacking his wife".

This woman was pulling his wife's hair and he kicked her "to get her off his wife", the garda said.

The fight lasted no more than two minutes and security intervened.

Neither accused had ever come to the attention of the gardaĆ­ before and both had been co-operative.

Judge David McHugh said Kane had responded to an attack on his wife but used more force than necessary.

The accused both over-reacted to the situation and were "deeply remorseful", their solicitor said.

Both accused were anxious to avoid convictions.

Judge McHugh said Kane and Dixon "weren't the people who initiated this matter, but regrettably, with drink involved, matters got out of hand".

He fixed recognisances in the event of an appeal.