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'We were yapping and joking...then I strangled her'

A 42-year-old Dublin man charged with murdering a mother-of-one told gardai that one moment they were listening to music and the next he was strangling her.

Jason Daly, of PJ Delaney Flats, Main Street, Mountrath, Co Laois, but originally from Sandyford, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his 30-year-old neighbour, Diane Burroughs, in her flat in the same building on April 16, 2011.

Investigating gardai were giving evidence yesterday in the trial of the father-of-two at the Central Criminal Court.

"We were listening to music and yapping and laughing," he said in an interview, testified Detective Garda Pat Scully.

"I asked Diane for a painkiller. She gave me a tablet," he continued, confirming that he took it.


"I was sitting on the side of the bed. She was on the bed. I cut her and strangled her," he said, explaining he used her drinking glass to cut her and a pillow case to strangle the Athy native.

"I put it around her neck and kept twisting it," he said. "She didn't struggle at all."

Daly had told Det Garda Scully he had spent the previous evening drinking before going home to Ms Burroughs with whom he had an 'on-and-off' relationship.

The detective said that Daly told him he had brought a bottle of vodka with him and had taken a mouthful before they went to sleep together.

He said they woke around 6am or 7am and he took another mouthful before they started mixing it with Coke and drinking it in the living room. He said Ms Burroughs had three pub measures of the vodka and that he drank the rest.

He said that they 'made love' in the bedroom around 8.30am before returning to the living room about 15 minutes later.

Daly said that when they ran out of vodka, Ms Burroughs went out and bought a two-litre bottle of cider, of which she drank most. He said that it was some time after this that he found himself strangling her.

The jury then heard from Deputy State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis, who carried out a post-mortem.

He said she died due to strangulation, with penetrating wounds to her neck being a contributory factor.

One of three stab wounds to her neck had injured the sternomastoid muscle and caused bleeding.

Dr Curtis said that Ms Burroughs was intoxicated with alcohol and had prescription medications in her system.

The trial continues.