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Warning for boy who put drugs in Kinder egg

A 16-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy who had €1,000 worth of cocaine and heroin stashed in a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg has been warned by a judge he is facing a custodial sentence.

The teenager was also caught with €3,500 worth of drugs on another date and took part in a robbery that drove a terrified woman from her home, the Children's Court was told.

"These are extremely serious offences for someone who has never been in trouble before, dealing drugs and robbery, I am obliged to order a probation report," said Judge Catherine Staines as she adjourned the case until September.

However, she warned: "You are looking at a custodial sentence."

The boy pleaded guilty to possessing, for sale or supply, cocaine and heroin stashed inside the chocolate egg, which normally contains a small child's toy, at a south Dublin flat complex, on December 12 last year.


He also admitted separate charges of possessing €3,500 worth of crack cocaine and heroin on February 24 last year.

Yesterday the boy, who was accompanied to his case by his mother, also admitted taking part in a robbery at Cork Street, Dublin, on May 25.

Garda Sean McBride told Judge Staines that on December 12 last year, Garda Stephen Daly stopped the then 15-year-old south Dublin boy to carry out a search under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

"He dropped a Kinder egg, Garda Daly recovered it, there was €660 of heroin and €350 worth of cocaine in it."

Garda McBride said the teenager made full admissions.

He told the court that in February last year, the boy had been searched at Donore Street, Dublin, and was found with €3,300 worth of crack cocaine, along with €200 worth of heroin.