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'Vulnerable' mum-of-two drove car at 100kph through streets


'Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing until after Christmas.' (stock photo)

'Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing until after Christmas.' (stock photo)

'Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing until after Christmas.' (stock photo)

A mother-of-two drove at high speed through a residential area of west Dublin, going the wrong way around a roundabout and forcing other motorists to steer on to a footpath to avoid her, a court has heard.

Marie Casey (32) was driving at speeds of 100kph in a 50kph zone.

Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing until after Christmas.

The defendant, with addresses at Curragh Hall Gate, Tyrrelstown, and Sonas Women's Refuge, admitted dangerous driving as well as driving without insurance at Ratoath Road, Finglas, on August 22 last year.

Gda James Curtis told Blanchardstown District Court he was on motorbike patrol on North Circular Road at around 4.30pm when he indicated to a female driver to stop, as he believed there was no tax on the car.

Gda Curtis said Casey stopped the vehicle and he got off the bike to speak to her, but she then drove off at speed and he was forced to chase.


He said Casey drove at excessive speed over the traffic-calming bumps on Ratoath Road as well as going the wrong way around Bogie's roundabout.

Oncoming traffic was forced to go up on to the footpath.

Gda Curtis said the speed limit was 50kph and Casey was doing "at least twice that".

He ended the chase as he determined it was too dangerous, but he kept the car in sight and was eventually able to stop and arrest the driver.

Casey was "most upset" when she was stopped as she had received "shocking news", defence solicitor Kelly Breen said.

Casey also admitted the theft of groceries worth €178 from Tesco in Finglas on June 30 last year as well as household items from Homestore and More and possession of a foil-lined bag last December 12.

She further admitted possession of children's clothing valued at €120 and children's toys worth €300 at Gortmore Road, Finglas.

The court heard she had 43 previous convictions, in- cluding two for uninsured driving.

Ms Breen said Casey had been in a number of abusive relationships which had left her "very vulnerable".

That had also put her "under pressure from other people to behave in certain ways".