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Violent teenager trespassed 'to rescue pal in peril on pub roof'

A TEENAGER caught trespassing on the roof of a pub was trying to help another youth who was about to harm himself, a court heard.

Gary Kearney (18) became violent and lashed out at gardai, calling them "scumbags" after they took him down from the roof and arrested him.

In a separate incident, he was again arrested for throwing punches at strangers in the street for no apparent reason. Gardai said he had been "lashing out at whoever fell into his path".

Judge Catherine Staines adjourned the case against Kearney after hearing he had been under a suspended sentence at the time of the latest offence.


The accused, with addresses at Ranelagh Road, and Old North Road, Finglas, pleaded guilty to charges of trespass, assault, violent behaviour in a garda station and bicycle theft in several separate incidents.

Garda Daniel Rogers told Dublin District Court Kearney was found on the roof of the Old Boro Pub in Swords on April 9.

He was taken down from the roof and brought to Swords Garda Station, where he called gardai "scumbags" and lashed out at them, before kicking and banging his cell door.

"I believe he had a lot of drink taken," Garda Rogers said.

The defendant's solicitor said he had been with "a young person who was threatening to self-harm" on the night and was trying to assist him.

The garda accepted this.

The court heard garda evidence that the accused had thrown punches at a householder in Meath Street on March 28 after damaging his front door.

Judge Staines adjourned the case to another sitting of the court for the suspended sentence to be dealt with.