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Victim's appeal hopes fade over sex fiend tycoon


Anthony Lyons of Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra

Anthony Lyons of Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra

Anthony Lyons of Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra

THE WOMAN sexually assaulted by millionaire businessman Anthony Lyons fears that he will never see another day in prison.

The woman's family were shocked when they heard that it could be 2015 before an appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) into the leniency of Lyons's sentence is heard.

Sources close to the woman's family say they are losing hope, but remain optimistic.


"They are losing hope at this stage but are still clinging on to see if justice will be done," said the source.

"It is crazy that an appeal should take so long.

"Lyons's sentence went from 10 years to six years, and then to six months, in the matter of minutes," the source explained to the Herald.

"This delay is adding insult to injury to the victim's family, and something needs to be done about it now," they added.

The DPP is appealing against what she believes was an "unduly lenient" sentence in the case.

Lyons, from Griffith Avenue in Dublin, served just four-and-a-half months in Wheatfield Prison after he was sentenced to six years in July last year for sexually assaulting his 27-year-old victim two years earlier.

Judge Desmond Hogan suspended five-and-a-half years of his sentence and ordered him to pay €75,000 to his victim, despite her request for justice to be done over any financial plea bargain.

Lyons was released from Wheatfield before Christmas before the DPP's appeal could be heard.

The businessman was subsequently pictured at a five-star venue in Dubai at the start of this year.

During his trial, Lyons pleaded not guilty to the sex attack, claiming he had been overcome with an "irresistible urge" as a result of a combination of alcohol, cholesterol medication and cough syrup.


Even though the DPP lodged an appeal in October, the backlog in the courts system has meant delays, and the Lyons case did not even get a mention at a hearing on Wednesday.

It is now estimated that it could be 2015 before the appeal is heard because cases where the prisoner is already in custody are considered more important to deal with.

Mrs Chief Justice Susan Denham has been campaigning for a new appeal court because she claims delays are damaging to society.