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Verdict in Gareth Hutch murder trial months away


Gareth Hutch was shot dead at Avondale House in 2016

Gareth Hutch was shot dead at Avondale House in 2016

Gareth Hutch was shot dead at Avondale House in 2016

A verdict in the Special Criminal Court trial of three Dubliners accused of the murder of Gareth Hutch will not be ready before early October, a judge has said.

Siblings Jonathan (33) and Regina Keogh (41), together with Thomas Fox (31), pleaded not guilty to Mr Hutch's murder.

A nephew of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, the 36-year-old was shot dead in the car park outside Avondale House on North Cumberland Street on May 24, 2016.

It is the State's case that Mr Keogh was one of the gunmen, together with Mr AB, who is not before the courts.

Prosecutor Paul Burns all-eged that Regina Keogh was "central and fundamental" in the plan to kill Mr Hutch.


She helped to procure the use of protected witness Mary McDonnell's flat to stake out Mr Hutch's flat, he said.

Ms Keogh also gave gloves to Mrs McDonnell for the gunmen to use and arranged for money to be sent to her brother after he fled to Belfast.

In relation to Mr Fox, Mr Burns alleged he was the getaway driver.

The trial, which was ongoing for the last eight weeks, has now concluded before the Special Criminal Court.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt, presiding, with Judge Patricia Ryan and Judge Michael Walsh, said it had been "a long trial".

Judge Hunt said the verdict would be given "as quickly as it can be done", but added that it was "three trials within a trial" and the judges would have to consider the evidence against each co-accused.

Judge Hunt also said a verdict in the Freddie Thompson trial for the murder of David 'Daithi' Douglas would have to be given priority over this case.