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Uninsured driver crashed car when he thought he saw wife


Mark Greene was on way to creche at time of accident

Mark Greene was on way to creche at time of accident

Mark Greene was on way to creche at time of accident

An uninsured driver on his way to pick up his child from a creche crashed into another car when he thought he saw his wife, a court heard.

Mark Greene (36) said his insurance had only just lapsed by a couple of days and he got "distracted" when he saw someone who looked like his wife.

Judge John Hughes banned him from driving for four years and fined him €500.

Greene, of Leighlin Road, Crumlin, pleaded guilty to careless and uninsured driving.

Garda Sean McGee told Dublin District Court he was called to the scene of a collision at Clogher Road, Crumlin, at 2.42pm on April 17 last year.

A BMW X5 had been hit by a Volkswagen Caddy driven by the accused.

The Volkswagen had struck the rear of the other car, damaging the bumper and causing injury to the driver.


Greene had 36 previous convictions, 24 of which were for motoring offences.

The accused had been on his way to the creche to pick up his three-year-old son when he was stopped at traffic lights.

He saw a person on the footpath and thought it was his wife, said Damien Coffey, defending. Greene got distracted, moved off and hit the other car.

It was a "low-impact crash" and the injuries to the other driver were soft tissue only.

The accused was a water tank installer, had a full driving licence at the time and his insurance had "only just" lapsed, Mr Coffey said.

He asked the judge to adjourn the case to give Greene time to show the court evidence of this.

Judge Hughes said the acc-used had three previous convictions for uninsured driving.

He imposed the fine and ban and set recognisances in the event of an appeal.