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Twice-bereaved woman dug nails into security guard


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A woman who dug her fingernails into a security guard's hand had spiralled into heroin use after the sudden death of a second partner.

Lisa Griffin (33) turned to heroin after her first partner fell victim to sudden adult death syndrome seven years ago.

She had managed to get clean but relapsed last year after her fiance of five years died.

Judge Anne Watkin adjourned sentencing at Dun Laoghaire District Court for six months to allow Griffin to provide further urinalysis to show she was now drug-free.

The defendant, of Cedar House, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, had admitted having stolen property and assaulting a security guard at Ballinteer Road, Dundrum, last October.


Sgt Peadar McCann previously told the court that security staff in Dundrum Town Centre had tracked a couple who were acting suspiciously in Vodafone, where a pair of earphones had been taken.

He said two security officers followed Griffin and a male accomplice on to the bridge over Ballinteer Road.

There was a struggle, and Griffin started shouting "let me go" and tried to run away.

The security men then called for assistance.

The victim arrived and saw Griffin struggling with his colleague. Sgt McCann said Griffin pinched this security guard, digging her fingernails into his right hand, breaking the skin.

Defence lawyer Jane Murphy said Griffin had worked with the Probation Service, was stabilised on methadone and providing clear urine.