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Trio were 'ditsy strippers', €48k theft trial hears

A NIGHTCLUB boss robbed lapdancers and their manager of around £40,000 (€48,000) after writing them off as "a bunch of ditsy strippers", a court has heard.

Curtis Woodman (34) claims the women, and two men surrounded him and demanded the money outside his work.

Mr Woodman insists he was "bundled" into a vehicle, kidnapped, robbed of £60 (€72) cash, his £4,650 (€5,584) Breitling watch and forced to transfer £4,800 (€5,764) to the women.

But a jury at Bristol Crown Court heard he suggested he get into the vehicle and then paid the women after admitting he owed them the money.


The lapdancers had worked for Mr Woodman at a pop-up nightclub he ran during the Cheltenham Festival in March 2012, which took £42,000 (€50,444) from one customer in one night.

In a police interview, manager Charlotte Devaney, told how she arrived at Mr Woodman's work premises in Tewkesbury, on September 3, 2012, to recover the missing wages.

Devaney said she had been accompanied by lapdancers Mandy Cool (29), Stephanie Pye (31) and Rachel Goodchild (24) during the incident.

She said Cool had arrived in Cheltenham that day with two friends, brothers Robert (27) and Alexander Morris (23).

At one point during the incident, Mr Woodman was taken out of the car by the Morris brothers and returned with a bleeding face, Devaney said.

But she claimed she had not invited the brothers to attend that day and asked them to stop when Mr Woodman was injured.

She said Mr Woodman had not paid up to 15 women for their work at the Embassy Nightclub he ran during the festival.

Mr Woodman previously told the jury the women were not entitled to the cash as they breached contracts agreeing to wear nipple tassles and bikinis, causing the club to be closed down by authorities.

When interviewed, Pye told police the Morris brothers were brought to meet Mr Woodman for the women's "protection".


Pye said she suddenly became uncomfortable when the group arrived at Mr Woodman's work and drove off with him in the vehicle.

Pye said Mr Woodman was hit by one of the Morris brothers, who were sitting either side of him.

Mr Woodman was then driven to a field and taken behind haybales by the Morris brothers, returning with blood on his face, Pye claimed.

Alexander Morris, from Southampton, has admitted carrying a Stanley knife, on September 3, 2012, the day of the alleged kidnap.

He denies a charge of robbery, along with Robert Morris, also from Southampton, concerning Mr Woodman's Breitling watch. The brothers also deny charges of robbery, concerning £60 (€72) Mr Woodman gave them from his pocket before his release.

Devaney, from London; Pye, from Sutton Coldfield; Cool, of Southampton; and Goodchild, of Southampton, each deny a charge of kidnap on September 3, 2012. The trial, continues.