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Trespass brothers jailed for 'tissue of lies' over deaf dog

TWO brothers who claimed they were just walking their dog when they were caught trespassing on the grounds of a storage lock-up have been jailed for four months.

Derek (34) and Bernard Reilly (38) were sentenced after a judge said they had told a "tissue of lies" in evidence in court.

The accused, of Cloonmore Lawns, Tallaght were seen discarding a bag containing an ornament as they left the owner's land in Saggart, south Dublin. They denied they were ever on the land and maintained they were walking their deaf Jack Russell in a nearby field.

Dublin District Court heard Bernard Reilly had a split personality disorder while Derek Reilly had a mental disability.


The defendants denied charges of criminal trespass at Cedar View, Corbally, Saggart, on May 25 last.

No theft charges were brought against them as gardai were unable to establish where the ornament came from.

The owner told the court he initially told them to leave and when he saw them there a second time, he blocked their car from leaving with his own jeep and called the gardai. His land had containers for the storage of household and office property.

The court heard the Reilly brothers kept asking the landowner if he had cars for sale when he initially approached them and they left, but returned.

He retrieved the bag after the gardai arrived. The two accused said they were walking their dog and he did see a Jack Russell at the scene, but said it was not on a leash.

Both brothers said in evidence they were walking their dog around a nearby quarry and it was on a leash at all times because it was deaf and they would not have been able to call it if it was loose.

Sentencing them, Judge O'Donnell said he "did not believe a word they said".