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Transgender man settles over 'laser burn to his lip'

A TRANSGENDER make-up artist claims that his face was burned by a laser machine during treatment to remove hairs from his upper lip.

Bartosz Luczak (34) settled a claim for €38,000 damages against the Dundrum Medical Cosmetic Clinic.

Luczak, of Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin, claimed that in May 2010, while being treated for the removal of hair from his upper lip, he had been burned by the laser machine.

He alleged the laser machine was used at an inappropriately high setting. He felt pain immediately and could smell burning hair.

Luczak stated in his Civil Bill that his doctor had treated him for crusting and scabbing of a burn to his left upper lip and had prescribed antibiotics for an infection. He had feared he might be disfigured and had been unable to return to work until the wound had fully healed.


The clinic is owned by Annafred Clinics Limited, and is based Dundrum Town Centre. In a full defence to Luczak's claim, it denied negligence and alleged he had been undergoing hormone treatment that could have made his skin sensitive.

The company's barrister, Tony McKeown, said Luczak had been attending other laser clinics and had been undergoing a transgender process at the time.

It alleged contributory negligence on the part of Luczak.

It claimed that before embarking on the treatment he had been advised of the risks and complications associated with laser treatment.

This warning had included the risk of erythema, swelling, blistering, crusting, purpura (spots), hyperpigmentation (discolouration) and scarring.

Paul Andrew Gallagher, counsel for Luczak, told the Circuit Civil Court yesterday that the could be struck out with an order for Mr Luczak's legal costs.

The claim had been settled for an undisclosed sum.

A spokesman for Anderson & Gallagher, solicitors for Luczak, stated following the brief hearing before Judge Alan Mahan that the settlement figure was confidential.