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Trainee spied on ladies' toilets

A trainee quantity surveyor who hid a mobile phone in the ceiling of the women's toilet at his workplace to record female colleagues in a state of undress will be sentenced today.

Joshua Drummond (20) hid the camera phone in the suspended ceiling directly above a cubicle earlier this year, South Somerset Magistrates' Court in England heard heard.

After women workers had used the toilet, he returned and played back the footage for his own sexual gratification.

His crime was discovered when one victim happened to look up and saw the small device.

The police were called and they found a total of seven clips showing a number of women using the toilet over a three-week period.

Drummond, from Cavalier Way, Yeovil, pleaded guilty.

Boeing aims for space trips

The Boeing aircraft firm plans to offer passengers the chance to fly into space on a craft it is developing for travel in low-Earth orbit.

Boeing said it reached an agreement with Virginia-based Space Adventures to market passenger seats on commercial flights aboard Boeing's CST-100 space vehicle being developed for NASA.

The spacecraft could carry seven people and fly in low-Earth orbit as soon as 2015, Boeing said. Space Adventures said it had arranged for eight missions to the new International Space Station.