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Trainee pawned €45k TV gear he stole from work to pay off debts

A TRAINEE audiovisual technician who stole almost €45,000 worth of equipment from his employers and pawned it to pay the interest on a debt to a moneylender has been given more time to gather compensation.

Barry White (22) got only about 10pc of the value of the goods and used it to help pay €3,000 interest he owed on a €2,000 loan.

White, of Croftwood Grove, Ballyfermot, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to seven sample counts from a total of 47 of dishonestly appropriating the equipment from two employers -- Pearl Audio Visual in Park West and Avcom in Sandyford Industrial Estate -- on dates between February 2007 and April 2008.

The goods included DVD recorders, projectors, a mini-DV camera and an audio desk.

Judge Katherine Delahunt noted that some compensation had already been paid and he has not come to further garda attention. She said she wished to see the case "remedied in a practical way" and although she did not expect the full amount to be repaid she wished to see a "significant gesture" being made.

Judge Delahunt adjourned sentencing until March 2011 and remanded White on continuing bail. Garda Yvonne Cashman told Damien Colgan, prosecuting, that gardai went to a city centre pawn shop in April 2008 after a call from Anthony Murphy, the owner of Avcom, who had been told that sound equipment stolen from his business had been bought at the shop.

Mr Murphy was able to identify other equipment in the store which he believed was also stolen from his business.

Gardai were able to trace White as the person who had brought the goods to the pawn shop through the account he had opened using his real name, passport and driving licence. They searched White's home but found no evidence. White later attended voluntarily at a garda station.

White admitted taking goods from Avcom and loading the equipment into a company van or his own car at night time. He said he had then brought to goods to one of two pawn shops he used. He later admitted also taking goods from his previous employer, Pearl Audio Vison.

Gda Cashman said the total value of goods taken from Avcom was €37,101 of which €9,063 was recovered. The total value of goods taken from Pearl was €7,750 of which €2,230 was recovered.