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Tourist headbutted bouncer during row

A DRAMA student was on holiday in Dublin when he got into a row with a pub bouncer and injured the man with a headbutt to the face.

Alejo Gamboa (26) had been visiting the city as a tourist with his father when he assaulted the doorman at a popular Temple Bar pub.

He was given a six-month suspended sentence at Dublin District Court and ordered to pay €2,500 compensation to the victim.


Gamboa, an Argentinian with an address at Diputacion, Barcelona, Spain, pleaded guilty to assault of the man at the Oliver St John Gogarty Pub, Fleet Street on March 14 last.

Sgt Zita Woods told the court the accused was socialising with his father when he was asked to leave the pub at 1.30am.

He did so in a peaceful manner but an argument took place outside during which he headbutted the victim in the face.

The accused maintained that the headbutt was not intentional but happened in a "clash of heads".

However, he accepted he caused injury to the victim.

Judge Michael Walsh noted that the victim still suffered from tinnitis and headaches.