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Tobin appeals over Hungary death quiz

A DUBLIN man wanted in connection with the deaths of two children in a car accident in Budapest more than 10 years ago is to appeal a High Court decision to dismiss his bid to prevent his extradition

Ciaran Tobin (46), Offington Drive, Sutton, is to lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court against last month's ruling by Mr Justice Michael Peart.

The matter was due to return before Mr Justice Peart at the High Court today.

The Hungarian authorities are seeking the surrender of Mr Tobin -- who was working in Hungary for Irish Life -- because it is claimed that a car he was driving mounted a footpath in a built-up area near the Hungarian capital on April 9, 2000.

The two children, Marton Zoltai (5) and Petra Zoltai (2), one who was standing on the footpath, the other sitting in a pram, were both killed.