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Tiger kidnapper fell asleep during raid, court hears

ONE of the raiders in a €2.28m Tiger kidnapping fell asleep during the incident and had to be woken up by his accomplice, a trial has heard.

The court also heard that a type of scarf seen on one of the raiders was later found in the home of one of the accused.

David Byrne (39), of Old Brazeel Way, Knocksedan, Swords, and Niall Byrne (29), of Crumlin Road Flats, Crumlin Road, are alleged to have been members of a gang that held Paul Richardson, a Securicor worker, and his family hostage as part of a raid in March 2005.


Both men have both pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to falsely imprisoning the Richardson family at Ashcroft, Raheny, on March 13 and 14, 2005, and to robbing Paul Richardson and Securicor of €2,280,000 on the same date.

Three members of the Richardson family gave evidence yesterday that two men shown on CCTV in a shop in the Raheny area shortly around the time of the raid were dressed similarly to two of their kidnappers.

Mr Richardson's wife, Marie, told Patrick Marrinan, defending David Byrne, that one of the kidnappers was wearing a Burberry scarf over his face. She said at one point the scarf fell down and she saw that he was clean shaven and young looking. She agreed with counsel that Burberry scarfs are "very common".

Four gardai told Dominic McGinn, prosecuting, that they were involved in a search of David Byrne's house the month after the raid. They said they found several thousand euro in cash, mobile phones and a Burberry scarf. The scarf was presented in court and entered as an exhibit. The Richardsons' younger son Ian, told Feargal Kavanagh, defending Niall Byrne, that when they were taken up the mountains by the raiders for the night, one of the men fell asleep in the jeep.


Ian told counsel he was not surprised at this as "once the adrenaline goes out of your body, you start to relax" and added that he himself "nodded off" for an hour. The older son, Kevin, said he could hear the raider snoring before an accomplice came over and woke him up.

Kevin said that the men tied them up with cable ties before fleeing and that one of them said: "We've been good to you and you've been good to us. Give us 15 minutes."

He said his mother then held up her bound hands and said: "Who do you think we are, Houdini?" The trial continues.