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Thug admits sickening Dart station attack on 'our gentle young son'


Jason O’Sullivan launches a full-force kick to his victim's face as he falls to the floor

Jason O’Sullivan launches a full-force kick to his victim's face as he falls to the floor

Jason O’Sullivan punches his victim

Jason O’Sullivan punches his victim

Jason O'Sullivan

Jason O'Sullivan


Jason O’Sullivan launches a full-force kick to his victim's face as he falls to the floor

This is the sickening moment an autistic young man was punched and kicked in the face by a thug as he left a Dart station.

Jason O'Sullivan (30) faces anything up to life in prison for the horrific attack.

He admitted assault just minutes before he was due to stand trial at Wicklow Circuit Court for robbing the young man.

The victim, who is in his 20s, received a broken nose and two black eyes in the attack, during which his mobile phone was snatched.

He was attacked by O'Sullivan and a number of accomplices on a laneway as he left Bray Dart station at 6pm on April 4 last year.


The brutal attack was captured on CCTV cameras. The images show O'Sullivan repeatedly striking his victim in the face.

As the young man fell to the ground and begged not to be hit any more, O'Sullivan launched a full-force kick to his face.

Speaking in the days after the attack, the victim's father said his son normally left the station with everyone else but on this occasion he stopped to help a man in a wheelchair.

As the young man left the station alone, O'Sullivan attacked him.

The family described their son as a "gentle young man" who was utterly defenceless in the face of the violence.

As a result of the attack, the young man, who has been taught to travel independently on the Dart, has been left traumatised and is afraid to travel alone.

O'Sullivan, of Connolly Square, Bray, originates from Dublin's Ballybrack.

He admitted seriously assaulting the young man but denied robbery.

The robbery trial was due to start yesterday but minutes before a jury was empanelled, his lawyer told the court they would not be required.

O'Sullivan was arraigned and he admitted stealing a mobile phone by the use of force from a young man at Bray Dart station in April 2016.

When the robbery charge was put to him, O'Sullivan, who was wearing jeans and a long sleeve grey shirt, replied "guilty".

Prosecution counsel Paul Murray told the court that O'Sullivan had admitted a charge of assault but was due to go on trial for robbery.

Defence barrister Seoirse O Dunlaing said it will become clear when the evidence is given that someone else took the young man's phone.

However, Mr O Dunlaing said O'Sullivan now accepted his guilt as it was part of a joint enterprise.

Mr Murray asked the court to order a victim impact statement.

Mr O Dunlaing said that he was not in a position to deal with sentencing because he wished to present a number of reports to the court.


He said O'Sullivan has a prior history of dealing with various agencies, and he asked for some time so he can gather the reports.

Mr O Dunlaing was asked if a probation report was required but he said it was not needed because O'Sullivan was already working with a number of support agencies.

Mr Murray said there was no objection to the defendant being remanded on continuing bail.

Mr Justice Michael O'Shea further remanded O'Sullivan on bail until December when a sentencing date is expected to be fixed.