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Threat to kill sister's fiance just two days from wedding

AN ENGLISH teacher who attacked and threatened to kill his sister's fiance two days before the wedding has been ordered to keep the peace for three years.

Eoin Ryan (27) was put on the peace bond for the assault but left without a criminal record after making a €1,000 charity donation.

He had called to the home of the groom-to-be while his sister was out, kicking him in the groin and punching him.

A court was told members of their family had had concerns that the victim, an Indian national, was marrying Ryan's sister to get an Irish visa.


Dad-of-two Ryan was found guilty of assaulting Sarabjeet Singh, but was cleared of pulling a knife and screwdriver on him and stealing his passport.

Judge Catherine Murphy applied the probation act, leaving him without a recorded conviction after he made the charity contribution.

Dublin District Court heard he lived in China with his wife and children and a conviction may have barred his entry back.

Ryan, of Crumlin Road, had denied assault, theft of the passport, producing a knife and screwdriver in the course of a dispute. Judge Murphy dismissed all but the assault count.

The incident happened on February 19, 2013.

During the trial, the court heard the defendant and his brother Eric had arrived at his sister and Mr Singh's home.

Ryan began punching him, hitting Mr Singh on the side of the head and kicking him in the groin.

Mr Singh was shocked and did not know why this was happening. The defendant "manhandled" him upstairs where he threatened to kill him.

Mr Singh said there was no conversation about the marriage before the attack.

Mr Singh had let a previous visa lapse but after speaking to an immigration lawyer believed he was now lawfully in the State because of his marriage to Grainne Ryan, on February 21.

Ryan said in evidence when he called to the house, his sister was not there so he thought it was a good opportunity to "have a chat" with Mr Singh to "start the process of healing".


Some members of his family had believed Mr Singh was marrying Ms Ryan for a visa.

When he raised this, he claimed, Mr Singh went "ballistic". He alleged Mr Singh accused him of being a racist, punched him and pushed him.

Ryan taught English to children in China, where he lived with his wife and children.