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Thief's fashion boob as he steals drag queen Holly's false breasts

A thief fled with fake boobs, support underwear and 'industrial strength' make-up after burgling a drag artist's car.

Drag queen Holly Heartbreak (24) was shocked to discover that a thief broke into her car and took her expensive gear, which was stored in Brown Thomas bags.

The Dubliner believes the burglar had believed he was stealing newly-bought items from the luxury department store -- instead of wigs, fake boobs and make-up.

"When I returned to my car I found that one of my car windows was smashed and several bags had been taken from my back seat," Holly said. "I can only assume they were stolen by someone who mistook them for shopping bags.

"However these bags contained three wigs, fake boobs, support underwear, a large quantity of make-up and quite a few designer red dresses."

The drag queen is now hopeful that the disappointed robber threw the bags away and she is holding out in hope that a Good Samaritan has rescued her belongings. The unwitting thief landed himself a pair of silicone fake boobs instead of Louboutin shoes or an Alexander McQueen dress.

Holly said: "I wouldn't mind getting the items back as they were quite expensive and took some time to acquire in the first place.


"The wigs alone cost €100 each, and it's a lot of stuff which I acquired over time. Even if someone saw a bag thrown in an area, they might come across them."

The unlucky performer was also forced to fork out over €250 to replace the smashed window in her car.

She explained: "I don't have any boobs left and they're about €150 each, I have to use industrial strength make-up which was also taken and these items are expensive and take quite a while to source.

"I'm hoping to get them back if I could. I went to look around the area the next day but I couldn't see anything. If anyone finds anything or has any information they can contact me."

Holly is appealing to witnesses to come forward, since there were lots of parked cars on Mary's Lane, off Capel Street, when the robbery occurred.

"There were lots of cars parked there, I presume by people who were shopping, and someone must have passed by and seen the expensive shopping bags."

Anyone who wishes to contact Holly about the whereabouts of her belongings can write to hollyheartbreak@ gmail.com.