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Terror spree thug (20) gets six years' jail

A YOUNG man with a "violent propensity" has been jailed for a crime spree that included dangerous driving, assault, robbery and threatening a garda.

Michael Kinsella (20) started off 2011 by assaulting a man after a party, later that year he drove the wrong way down the M50 in a stolen car and earlier this year he took a Nintendo DS in a frightening robbery witnessed by the victim's child.

He later threatened a female garda with a golf club as she tried to arrest him at his home.

Kinsella, of Tonlegee Road, Raheny, pleaded guilty to assault at Swiftbrook Estate, Tallaght on New Year's Day 2011 and unlawful use of a car, dangerous driving and driving without insurance on the M50 northbound on May 22, 2011.

He further pleaded guilty to robbery and producing the golf club to obstruct a garda at Tonlegee Road, Coolock on March 13, 2012

Kinsella has 26 previous convictions, including robbery, violent disorder, burglary, criminal damage, assault and road traffic offences.


Judge Martin Nolan at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court said Kinsella had "demonstrated a violent propensity over a period of time".

He said his offences on the M50 had put the lives of others at risk "which demonstrates a lack of insight and thought for others".

"He is not the brightest person in the world but he knows the difference between right and wrong," said Judge Nolan.

The judge imposed consecutive sentences totalling eight years, but suspended the final two years of the sentence on strict conditions.

Sandra Frayne, defending, said Kinsella had significant intellectual difficulties and had been abusing alcohol and drugs from the age of 12.

His parents had suffered problems managing him and he has had no education due to his behavioural issues, leaving him unable to read or write.

He is now held on 23-hour lock-up in St Patrick's Institution and unable to attend school.

She said that he had accepted he has been "an absolute terror" for the last year-and-a-half and wants to improve himself.