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Temple Bar row . . . 'you should have more sense'

A DUBLIN man who was out celebrating his 40th birthday with colleagues when they were arrested over a dispute with a doorman was told by a judge they "should have more sense than to be going to Temple Bar".

Darren Coyle and two friends were arrested after one of his group was refused entry to a popular pub in the area.

Mr Coyle, the only one of the group to appear before the courts, had a public order charge against him dismissed after Judge Dermot Dempsey said he would give him "the benefit of the doubt".

The defendant, of Royal Canal Court, Phibsboro, denied a charge of failing to obey garda directions in the incident.

He admitted taking out his mobile phone to film what was happening, but insisted the officer arrested him without explaining that it was an offence not to leave the scene.

Doorman Niall Arpac said in evidence he was on duty at The Temple Bar pub on March 30 when one of the party came to the door.

He said he refused to let him in because he was drunk and Mr Coyle and another friend came out and started verbally abusing him over his decision.

Garda David Errity said he saw the defendant and another man "surround" Mr Arpac.

Mr Coyle told the court he had gone out to celebrate his 40th birthday and his colleague had left the pub for a cigarette when the doorman came inside and told him "his friend wanted to talk to him outside".

When he went out, he said, he was told neither of them would be allowed back in. He said he was annoyed but did not use any abusive language. He insisted he was not drunk. .

The judge dismissed the charge.