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Temple Bar drunk stuck her hands in diners' food

A SERIAL public order offender who stuck her hands into diners' plates at a Temple Bar restaurant and refused to let a street performer sit on his chair has been warned she will be jailed if she gets into trouble again.

A judge has told Christina Kiely (52) that he will sentence her to 22 months in jail if she is detected committing any further offences, following a string of drunken episodes in Dublin city centre.

On one occasion, Kiely knocked over signs and struck people with her handbag as she was told to leave by gardai and on another she obstructed a path by lying down and drinking.

Kiely, of Bertram Court Apartments, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness, breach of the peace and failing to obey gardai.

Dublin District Court heard Kiely was among a group of people drinking from open containers of alcohol and causing annoyance in Temple Bar at around 8pm on July 18 last.

Gardai seized the alcohol and told the group to leave the area, but Kiely failed to comply and was arrested.

At 6.05pm on August 2, gardai found her in an intoxicated state, drinking from a bottle of wine and annoying the public.

Sgt Caroline Cullen said she had been sitting in a street performer's chair, refusing to let him sit down. She went to walk away but as she was doing so, she put her hands in dining plates which people were eating from at a restaurant on the square.

Judge Cormac Dunne said the public was entitled to go to Temple Bar without the accused putting people, including children, in fear.

He adjourned the case to February 22.