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Teen's death threat text to his own mum

A TROUBLED teenage boy is to be sentenced in July for threatening to murder his mother in a text message he sent her after he was put into care.

The boy (17) pleaded guilty yesterday to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to his mother last September.

Judge John O'Connor heard at the Dublin Children's Court that the boy, who is on bail, had been placed into care in 2011.

He said the teen's mother must have been in fear for her life after she received her son's message. Sentencing was adjourned to allow time for a probation report to be prepared and the judge told the teenager that this could involve psychological assessments.

The boy sent his mother a text message which read: "Right, you delete my number and my Da, if I ever hear from any of you contacting my staff or social worker or any of my mates I will personally walk up to your house and stab both of you and watch you die right in front of my eye.

"I mean it, this is not a threat, it is a promise I'm starting a new life and I don't want any of you in it because you all f***ed me over some way down the road."


About a month later he was caught trespassing at his mother's home which he also admitted yesterday.

The teenager, who has no previous criminal convictions, also pleaded guilty to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to a female care worker.

He had corned her and threatened that "he would slice her throat".

Despite these allegations, the boy continued to live at the children's home until recently he was found alternative accommodation.

Defence solicitor Gareth Noble said that the boy had lived with his mother for most of his life but there had been a number of problems and social services had become involved.

Mr Noble said the teenager was taken into care and at first stayed in "out-of-hours" hostels for 10 weeks before being sent to a high support care centre.

Mr Noble stressed that the boy is trying to rebuild his relationship with his mother.

Judge O'Connor said "it is very sad, there are obviously significant issues here" and added that the charges were very serious and the boy's aggression gave rise to safety issues.