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Teenager ran out on fare after taking taxi home from hospital


Ryan Boyle failed to pay a taxi fare of €36

Ryan Boyle failed to pay a taxi fare of €36

Ryan Boyle failed to pay a taxi fare of €36

A teenager who ran out on paying a taxi fare has "a lot of growing up to do", a court heard.

Ryan Boyle (19) had ended up in hospital after a row at his family home.

He picked up a taxi after he was released from Tallaght Hospital but he failed to pay the fare of €36.

Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing for a week to allow Boyle to take €35 to court as compensation for the taxi driver.

The defendant, of Sheephill Green, admitted failing to pay a taxi fare at Sheephill Park and failing to follow the directions of gardai at Sheephill Avenue.

Both incidents took place on February 12.


Sergeant Maria Callaghan told Blanchardstown District Court that Boyle got a taxi around 3.20am after he was released from Tallaght Hospital.

Sgt Callaghan said the driver took Boyle to the Sheephill area of Blanchardstown.

The defendant asked the driver to stop and he jumped out and ran away.

Sgt Callaghan said gardai were subsequently called to an incident at Sheephill Avenue. Boyle had been directed to leave the area but he failed to do so.

Judge McHugh said the defendant struck him as "extremely immature".

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming agreed, saying that Boyle had a "lot of growing up to do".

Mr Fleming said Boyle was the second eldest of five children.

He had avoided any serious criminality, and much of his offending had been on the "coattails" of his older brother, who was now incarcerated.