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Teenager broke garda's phone and ripped his shirt after he was caught passing drugs in courthouse


A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A TEENAGER punched a garda to the ground when he was caught passing drugs to a prisoner in a courthouse.

He then fled and was found nearby trying to insert 80 tranquiliser tablets internally on his person.

Kadesh Tracey (19) ripped the garda's shirt and broke his phone during the assault as he escaped, a court heard.

He then got to his knees on the street and tried to hide the drugs internally, but gardai caught up with him and arrested him.


He was already under a suspended sentence for a separate offence and Judge David McHugh referred his case back to another judge for consideration of the activation of that jail term.

Tracey, of Hazel Grove, Portrane Road, Donabate, was remanded in custody at Blanchardstown District Court.

The accused pleaded guilty to possession of benzodiazepines with intent to sell or supply in the incident, as well as simple possession of the drug at Swords District Court on July 14 last.

He also admitted assaulting Garda Brian Reidy, and causing €400 criminal damage to his mobile phone and €50 damage to his shirt at North Street, Swords.

Tracey pleaded guilty to a further charge of obstructing a drugs search by failing to stop for gardai and placing 80 benzodiazepines up his rectum.

The accused admitted an unrelated charge of failing to pay a €53 taxi fare in an incident at Hazel Grove, Donabate on April 27 last.

The offences are under the Misuse of Drugs, Theft and Fraud, Criminal Damage and Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Acts.

Sgt Mary Doherty told the court Tracey tried to pass drugs to a prisoner in custody at Swords Court at 11.40am.

He was escorted outside and "took off running".

Garda Reidy caught him and Tracey punched him in the face.

Garda Reidy fell to the ground, breaking his mobile phone and ripping his shirt.

The accused ran through Swords, pursued by Garda Karl McNamara.

At Bridge Street, Tracey was found kneeling down with his hands down the back of his trousers, "attempting to insert something containing the drugs".

The court heard the street value of the 80 tablets, at €2 each, was €160.

The defendant had a number of previous convictions.

Defence Solicitor Kelly Breen said Tracey was currently serving a six-month sentence in Wheatfield prison, with another six months suspended.

He had always intended pleading guilty to the charges that were before the court, she said.


Sgt Doherty said the accused had also been given a three-month suspended sentence at Naas District Court.

That jail term had been suspended for a year.

Judge McHugh referred the case back to Naas for consideration of the judge there of the earlier suspended sentence.

After this, the case will be sent back to Blanchardstown District Court for finalisation. Tracey did not address the court.