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Teen tried to throw drugs over prison wall

A TEENAGER caught trying to throw packages full of drugs and mobile phones over the wall of Mountjoy jail had fallen in with the "wrong people" when he agreed to carry out the crime.

Cormac Finnegan (19) was acting under instructions when he was caught trying to throw the contraband items into the prison.

Dublin District Court heard he was too afraid of the possible repercussions to give any more information.

Judge Ann Watkin adjourned the case against him for a pre-sentence probation report.

Finnegan, with an address at Reuben Street, Rialto, pleaded guilty to two counts of bringing prohibited items into a prison at Mountjoy's training unit on May 17.

These were one Samsung and two Nokia mobile phones, three Stanley blades and improvised metal shanks in one package and more than 500 Zopiclone tablets in the other.

The court heard he went to the carpark adjacent to the training unit and tried to throw the two packages over the wall. He was seen and tried to get away but was caught. There was no evidence he was bringing the packages for anyone in particular in the prison.

"So he was risking anyone getting them," Judge Watkin said.

Finnegan was under "negative influence" at the time and "acting on instructions", his barrister Cathal O Braonain said.

"He was doing what he was told to do from the outside."


The court heard Finnegan had had some issues in the past taking Benzodiazepines and cannabis.

The court heard while Finnegan had been hanging around with "the wrong people", his father told the judge he was "not hanging around with them anymore".

The court heard the accused had been involved with people on the same football team, which was now "finished".

Judge Watkin ordered a probation report and adjourned the case to January next year.