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Teen stole two right runners of odd sizes


Teenager stole two right runners of odd sizes

Teenager stole two right runners of odd sizes

Teenager stole two right runners of odd sizes

A TEENAGER who stole a pair of right-footed runners of different sizes has been remanded on bail pending sentence.

The boy (16) pleaded guilty yesterday to the theft of Nike runners worth €35 during a botched shoplifting attempt at Lifestyle Sports in the Omni shopping centre in north Dublin last October 29.

Gda Emily Carr told Dublin Children's Court that an off-duty officer had seen the teenager "pick up runners from a display in the front window".

Judge John O'Connor was told that Gda Carr was notified and went to the scene where she watched CCTV footage of the theft which led to the boy's arrest. The runners were recovered and returned to the store in a saleable condition.

"They were two right feet runners in odd sizes," said Gda Carr.

Solicitor Gareth Noble told Judge O'Connor that his client, who cannot be identified, could not have benefited from the theft.

He said the teenager, who was supported in court by his father, is currently in a rut.

"He does not have a lot of structure to his day," he said.

The boy has no prior criminal convictions, but was already known to the Probation Service. Mr Noble suggested they "may well be able to help him get out of the rut he is in".

The boy, who is on bail, was ordered to appear again in January when a pre-sentence probation report will be furnished to the court.