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Teen stalker harassed and attacked man

A TEENAGE stalker, who viciously attacked a man and harassed him over a 16-month period, has been warned by a judge that he is facing a lengthy sentence.

Dublin Children's Court has heard that the campaign of harassment began because the man had once got into a brief conversation with the youth's mother.

Yesterday, Judge John O'Connor gave the teen a final chance to co-operate with the Probation Service to address his offending. He told the teenager that if his next probation report is negative "you could expect a lengthy sentence".

The judge had already warned the youth, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, that he must not have "any contact whatsoever" with the victim. He is to face sentencing in January.

An earlier probation report showed that the teenager needed help to deal with his cannabis and alcohol abuse problems.

He has also been given a place on a course to help him with literacy problems, the court has been told.


The youth, now aged 18, has pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to the man, aged 36, on July 15 and August 28 last year.

He also admitted an additional connected charge for harassing the same man at a number of locations in north Dublin between April 4, 2011 until August 28 last year.

The boy was aged 15 when the harassment began and had turned 16 when he attacked the man twice.

Garda Louise Gernon has told the court that the man had been socialising in a pub in north Dublin when he got into a conversation the woman.

She described their interaction as "chit chat" and the court heard that they left the pub at the same time when the teen approached and verbally abused the man which was followed by "a long series of incidents".

"From that day on there was on-going harassment and intimidation, the man felt afraid and feared for his life," Gda Gernon had said.

The garda has given the court a list of seven dates spanning a period of more than a year during which time the man was harassed and felt threatened by the teen, "as a result of what he describes as on-going intimidation".