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Teen snatched Grand Theft Auto game from man's hand


Dean Martin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Dean Martin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Dean Martin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

A TEENAGER has admitted stealing a Grand Theft Auto video game from another man who had queued up to buy it on its day of release.

Dean Martin (18) snatched the controversial game from the 26-year-old man's hand after he came out of a shop where it had just gone on sale.

Martin was fined €400 at Dublin District Court.

The accused, with an address at Coultry Road, Ballymun pleaded guilty to stealing the copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 at the Omni Shopping Centre, Santry on September 17 last.

The court heard the man had left the shop where he had bought the game on the first day it was on sale in Ireland.


Martin grabbed the game – worth €65 – from his hand and fled. Sgt Niall Murphy said the accused was caught by security staff.

The court heard the victim "wasn't hurt; it was just grabbed out of his hands". On the day, Martin had taken a large amount of Benzodiazepine tablets.

"He acted in a very foolish manner and realised afterwards what he did was very serious," Martin's solicitor Kelly Breen said.

Martin had completed a Fas course in catering and was due to start work in the next number of weeks. He was no longer taking the tablets, Ms Breen added.

Judge Cormac Dunne fined and convicted the defendant.

The popular Grand Theft Auto games series has been the subject of controversy because of its violent content.