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Teen rape choirmaster has now gone to ground

THE choirmaster ordered to pay a record €4m in damages to a woman he repeatedly raped and left pregnant at 15 had gone to ground today.

Joseph Carrick (72) has still not explained why he did not defend himself in court or make any apology to his victims.

He repeatedly raped Jacqueline O'Toole when she was a teenager and impregnated her.

There was no answer at Carrick's house in the upmarket Carysfort Woods estate in Blackrock, and no comment was fortcoming on why he did not defend himself, or whether he would challenge the ruling against him.

Ms O'Toole's cousin Geraldine Nolan, who was also abused by Carrick, was awarded €700,000 by a separate jury.

Carrick was described in court as "a monster" and "an evil paedophile".

The juries found Carrick had sexually assaulted and raped them during the early 1970s, beginning when they 12 and 13.

The women spoke yesterday of their relief at "a form of justice" and their hope "that evil man" is now out of their lives.

Maurice O'Toole, brother of Ms O'Toole, read a statement on their behalf in which they said they had "found this journey very difficult but worthwhile because we have experienced a form of justice against our perpetrator. Our thoughts go out to those who haven't been able to make this journey with us".

Ms Nolan also told reporters they now just wanted "to get recovery and closure and move on with our lives".

They would have to continue to live with the pain suffered, she said: "You live with it all the time, it never leaves you."


Ms O'Toole, who became pregnant at 15 as a result of being raped, gave up her infant daughter for adoption.

Following the verdicts, lawyers for the women secured freezing orders against Carrick, originally from Creighton Street in Dublin, preventing him from reducing his assets below approximately €5m.

The court was told that, as well as his home, he had a number of properties, including flats in Dublin and in Wexford.

Carrick is believed to have received €1m when he sold his share of a shipping business and is also believed to have pension plans.

The two juries heard that on many occasions between 1970 and 1973, the cousins were raped and indecently assaulted by Carrick, who was a fellow member of a local church choir.

Both were 12 when the rapes began. Carrick would take them, separately, to his office at Eden Quay where he would sexually assault and rape them.

Ms O'Toole, from Pearse Street, said she was first raped by Carrick after he offered her a lift home in his car from Sunday Mass. She said that afterwards Carrick told her "not to tell anyone", "as nobody would believe her".

Every few weeks Carrick forced her to go with him to his office. She said Carrick threatened "to tell" if she did not go with him.

When she was 15 she was impregnated by Carrick. He told her not to tell anyone about his involvement. The rapes ceased after that.

She gave birth to a girl, Edel, who she gave up for adoption and has never seen since.

Mother of five Geraldine Nolan from Townsend Street, Dublin, said Carrick had "stolen her childhood".

She still has nightmares about what Carrick did to her. He knew him from the choir and originally thought he was a nice man, as he was a cousin of her father's.

She was first raped sometime in 1970 after he brought her to his home in Creighton Street. She said he showed her a pornographic film, before raping her.

She said that every four to six weeks, on Sundays after Mass, he would drive her to his office and rape her. As she got older she felt able to refuse his advances and the abuse stopped sometime in 1973.

She said she "blamed herself" for what had happened. It was not till 2004 that she told her family what he had done.