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Teen in 'kill threat to social worker'

A 17-year-old Dublin boy has been charged with false imprisonment and threatening to kill his social worker who was allegedly held in her own car against her will and told that her throat would be slit.

The north Dublin teen's case had been struck out in July due to a delay in receiving directions from the DPP.

However, he was brought back to the Dublin Children's Court yesterday recharged with producing a knife as a weapon at his home and threatening to kill the social worker there, on June 16, 2010.

He is also accused of false imprisonment of the same social worker in her car at Sean McDermott Street in Dublin's north inner city on April 16 last, as well as charges of criminal damage to her vehicle and threatening to kill her on the same date.

Judge Ann Ryan granted bail to the teenager, who has not yet indicated how he will plead to the charges.