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Teen imprisoned woman while partner forced to go to ATM

A TEENAGE boy, who held a young woman against her will in her own home as her partner was brought out at knife-point to get money, has been re-admitted to bail pending his sentencing in September.

A house on Botanic Avenue in north Dublin had been ransacked on April 27 last year and one of the occupants, a 21-year-old man, was taken away in his car to withdraw money from ATM machines.

The 16-year-old boy, who is in care, had pleaded guilty in November at the Dublin Children's Court to burglary, robbery and false imprisonment.

Last week Judge Ann Ryan was told that the teen had broken bail conditions by not staying at his care placement.

Judge Ryan then remanded the teenager in custody for one week. He appeared again at the Children's Court yesterday where Judge Ryan granted him bail on condition that he lives at his HSE accommodation.

The boy was ordered to appear again in September when he is to be sentenced for his role in the house raid.

The court has already heard that the teen had "particularly complex past"; he had mental health issues, had had suicidal thoughts and at one point had been abusing drugs.

At an earlier hearing Garda Sergeant Denis O'Callaghan had told the court that five people pushed their way into a young couple's home.

The man was brought out at knife-point to get money from ATMs while two youths, including the accused, stayed with the woman.

The court had heard that the boy had a lesser role in the incident. A guardian appointed to the boy had said he was remorseful over his involvement in the raid.

She had said he had been involved in self harm and "suicidal ideation" (thoughts about suicide) and had come under the influence of another youth who was also in the care system at the time.

The court had also heard that he had been through a number of care placements, two foster homes and had at one point had been homeless.