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Teen hid 8-inch knife up sleeve

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy, who was found with an eight-inch blade concealed up his sleeve, has been remanded on bail pending sentence by Judge Bryan Smyth at the Dublin Children's Court.

Judge Smyth said that "if he were an adult he would be looking at a sentence". He adjourned the case until November for a pre-sentence report.

The court heard that the teenager had been stopped in an estate in Clondalkin in west Dublin on October 29 last year with the knife.

The boy, who was accompanied to his case by his father, pleaded guilty to possessing the blade as an offensive weapon.

How superbug resists drugs

Certain "supermutant" bacteria sacrifice themselves to help their colony-mates survive antibiotics, research has found.

To start with, only a few "supermutant" bugs are immune to the drugs.

Faced with an antibiotic onslaught, they manufacture a signalling molecule called indole which causes other bacteria to develop drug resistant "muscle".

But in so doing they weaken themselves, the Boston University study found.

WWII soldiers' lives go online

Details of Second World War soldiers reported as missing in action are among historic information published online for the first time today.

Family history website Ancestry.co.uk launched more than 200 years of newspaper clippings from the 18th century to 1976, including obituaries and details of unclaimed wills.

More than 40,000 births, 64,000 marriages and 95,000 deaths are included.

Cage lawsuits thrown out

A lawsuit in which Nicolas Cage accused a former business manager of mismanagement has been dismissed in Los Angeles.

A counterclaim by the manager, Samuel J Levin, also was dismissed. Cage (46) sued Levin for $20m in October, claiming the accountant led him on a path to financial ruin.

Levin countersued for unpaid fees and alleged the actor didn't listen to his advice.