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Teen escapes jail over pizzaman's hijack stabbing

A TEENAGER has avoided jail for his part in a vicious attack on a pizza delivery man who was stabbed in the back with a broken bottle before his car was hijacked.

Philip Roche (19) was one of three men who set upon the victim after he had made a delivery, beat "the living daylights out of him", stabbed him and drove off in his car.

Roche was put on a peace bond for a year for assaulting the victim after he paid €1,000 to charity.

A court heard the delivery man was left with a wound to his back and his car was eventually found and returned to him.

The accused, of Kilcronan Close, Clondalkin, had pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Binu Sebastian and seizing his car by force at Kilcronan Avenue on June 25, 2009. Roche was aged 16 at the time.

Judge Patrick Clyne had ordered him to pay the €1,000 in compensation to the injured party, but Blanchardstown District Court heard the man had since left the country.

Instead, the money was paid to Blanchardstown Hospice and the judge bound the accused to the peace on the assault charge, striking out the other.

Previously, State solicitor Anne Collins had told the court that the victim had made a delivery and was getting back into his vehicle when someone grabbed him from behind.

They asked for his keys and he was pushed to the ground.

He was kicked all over and one of the assailants hit him three to four times on the head with a glass bottle.

He was also stabbed with a piece of the broken bottle and suffered a small wound to his back that required stitches.

It was not stated which of the assailants hit or stabbed him with the bottle. After setting upon him, the three got his keys and drove off.


The court heard that around the time of the incident, Roche's brother had passed away from sudden adult death syndrome and this had been a shock.

In addition, his father had been serving a jail sentence and was extradited to the UK to serve another one.

The other two people involved in the attack on the delivery man were older than the accused, his solicitor Simon Fleming said.

"It's inexcusable, what he did," Judge Clyne said. "What happened to the pizza lad, for them to pull him out of his car and hammer the living daylights out of him. It's not on. It must have been very traumatic for the lad."