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Teen claims €6,500 Cartier watch gardai seized is his

GARDAI who seized a €6,500 watch from a teenager now want it handed over to the State, as they believe it was stolen.

Joseph Connors (19) has insisted the Cartier watch is his and wants it returned, Dublin District Court heard.

The case was adjourned after Judge Cormac Dunne was told garda inquiries were not yet complete.

Garda Eoin Kelly brought an application under the Police Property Act to have the watch forfeited to the State. Mr Connors, of Daletree Place, Ballycullen, is contesting the application.


Garda Kelly told the court he was on patrol at Daletree Road at 10.35pm on March 29 last year. He came across Mr Connors, and approached to speak to him.

There was a penal warrant out for Mr Connors, who "took off running" but was apprehended.

He was searched and the watch was found on him.

It was just after his 18th birthday and Mr Connors "wouldn't have been a man of means."

He provided three origins for the watch, Garda Kelly said; that he got it from an uncle in England, that his father bought it at a jewellery shop in England and he had a receipt, and that his uncle had given it to his father.

During his enquiries, Garda Kelly had the watch valued by an authorised Cartier dealer.

A receipt was produced by Mr Connors which was not before the court.

The garda said that a statement was taken from the manager of a jewellery shop, who said he had not sold the receipted watch to Mr Connors but to a "a female of a similar description". Garda Kelly said this may have been Mr Connors' sister.

The watch had been previously worn by the manager and was sold as part of a deal. However, the model seized by the gardai was a women's watch and the manager said he would not have worn it.

Judge Cormac Dunne adjourned the case to a date later this month, for mention.