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Teen charged at man after 'losing his head'


Darren Flood

Darren Flood

Darren Flood

A TEENAGER charged across a road at another individual because he believed he had seriously assaulted his brother.

Darren Flood (19) "lost his head" when he realised his brother had been beaten up, a court heard.

Judge Anthony Halpin fined Flood €100.

The defendant, of Portland Row, Dublin 1, admitted before Dublin District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour near his home last January 26.

A court sergeant said gardai were called to Portland Row following reports that a young man had been seriously assaulted and a crowd had gathered at the scene.

The court heard gardai cleared the crowd and the injured man was taken away to receive treatment.

The court sergeant said Flood, who had no involvement in the previous incident, arrived at the scene, started shouting and charged across the road at another man.

Gardai had to pull him away from the other individual.

A defence solicitor said the man who was severely beaten was Flood's brother.

The defendant arrived on the scene and "lost his head" when he realised what had just happened.

Flood claimed he knew the individual who attacked his brother and claimed there have been ongoing problems with this person for the past five years.

The court heard Flood is a qualified carpenter but is currently out of work.

The defence solicitor asked Judge Halpin to leave Flood without a conviction, saying he wanted to join the Sinn Fein O'Malley Russell Cumann, and could not if he has a conviction.

Judge Halpin said Flood "set" upon another person, and refused the solicitor's request.