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Taximan's €1,500 stolen credit card spree

A taxi driver used a number of stolen credit and Laser cards to go on a spending spree in a southside shopping centre.

David Donnelly (49) spent nearly €1,500 on a range of goods and services in Dundrum Town Centre.

A judge ordered Donnelly to pay compensation to the shops, and adjourned the matter to a date in September.

Donnelly, of North Great Clarence Street, Dublin 1, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to six charges of theft, which occurred over two days, September 20 and September 21, last year.

The offences took place in Tesco, Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser, in the Dundrum centre.

The amount Donnelly spent in each shop varied from €110 in Tesco to €500 in House of Fraser, and he used two or three stolen cards.

Sergeant Peadar McCann said gardai later obtained a search warrant and searched Donnelly's home, where two jackets and a voucher were recovered. He admitted to the offences.

The rest of the items, about €1,000 worth of goods, have not been recovered.

The court heard that Donnelly, a former taxi driver, is not working and is on disability.

Defence solicitor John Neville said Donnelly is very remorseful for his behaviour, and he was under a lot of pressure at the time of the incident.

Mr Neville said Donnelly held his hands up to his behaviour, and was willing to pay compensation for the goods which were not recovered.

The court had heard that a man in a pub offered Donnelly the stolen credit and Laser cards, and he took them.

Judge Ann Ryan ordered Donnelly to continue working with the probation services.

The judge also ordered him to pay compensation of €1,000 for the stolen items and adjourned sentencing to a date in September.