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Surgery saved rugby injury student's life

A YOUNG student who suffered a kick in the head during a schools rugby match would have died had emergency surgery not saved his life, a consultant neurosurgeon has told the High Court.

Dr Daniel Roderick said Lucas Neville's score on a test to assess a person's level of consciousness following a traumatic brain injury indicated the extreme severity of his injury when he was rushed to Beaumont Hospital on November 28, 2009.

Mr Neville, now aged 22, had collapsed minutes after suffering a kick to the head during a match between St Michael's College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin, and St Mary's College.


Dr Roderick was giving evidence in the continuing action by Mr Neville against St Michael's College and St Vincent's Healthcare Group, as owner of St Vincent's Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin.

Mr Neville, of Pembroke Lawns, Ballsbridge, Dublin, has sued for €5m damages.

Dr Roderick, whose team at Beaumont managed Mr Neville's treatment, told the court the young man was deeply unconscious and the pupils of his eyes were fixed when he underwent a craniotomy for evacuation of a subdural haemotoma.

Mr Neville had two haemotomas, an acute haemotoma as a result of the November 28 injury, and an earlier chronic haemotoma suffered as a result of another injury sustained during rugby training some weeks earlier, the court heard.

Dr Roderick said he believed Mr Neville's condition is unlikely to improve beyond his present state.

The court has heard that Mr Neville had suffered another injury 17 days earlier during school rugby training. It is alleged St Vincent's should have, but failed, to carry out a scan of his head on November 15.

The case continues.