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Student spat blood in bouncer's face

A STUDENT who spat blood into a nightclub bouncer's face after a fight underwent a major "personality change" when he drank, a court heard.

Aaron Nolan (24) assaulted the doorman at a Dublin club by spitting blood into his mouth following an altercation.

Judge William Early said he believed Nolan was "allergic" to alcohol and he would consider jailing him if he did not prove he could deal with the problem.

Nolan had the case against him adjourned for three months at Dublin District Court.

Nolan, of Ballyfermot Parade, admitted assaulting Mark O'Brien, at Break For The Border, Stephen Street Lower, on December 9, 2009.

He also admitted public order offences in two unrelated incidents.

Garda Ian Lawlor told the court he was called to the club and spoke to Nolan, who had cuts to his lips and his head.

Mr O'Brien told him he had been assaulted by Nolan while escorting him off the premises. Nolan had spat directly into his face, with some of the blood going into his mouth.


Nolan had suffered an injury to his head in the course of the night and was "quite badly hurt".

The court heard Garda Alan Sheerin came across Nolan in an argument with a taxi driver in Pearse Street on March 19.

Nolan was charged with public drunkenness and non-payment of a taxi fare.