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Student engineer kicked mirrors off cars after night out


Dean Moffett (22) made a €400 donation to charity

Dean Moffett (22) made a €400 donation to charity

Dean Moffett (22) made a €400 donation to charity

An engineering student from a "respected family" was arrested after he kicked the wing mirrors off three cars following a night out.

Dean Moffett (22) was spotted by a passer-by, who reported the damage to a garda on patrol.

Judge Anthony Halpin struck the case out after Moffett paid compensation for the damage and €400 to charity.

Moffett, of Carnaveigh, Lat- ton, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Parnell Square East last February 2.

A garda sergeant said the incident happened at 12.50am, when a member of the public saw the accused walking and kicking the mirrors off the cars.

The witness reported this to a garda on O'Connell Street and the defendant was kept in sight until he was met by the officer.

He was arrested and taken to Store Street Garda Station.


The court heard the damage to one mirror had been valued at €321 and the second at €118. Judge Halpin estimated the third at the same value of €118.

Moffett had no previous convictions. He was studying mechanical engineering at DIT, his lawyer said.

"What's the force that would be required to break off a wing mirror?" asked Judge Halpin. "He's doing mechanical engineering."

The accused did not know.

Judge Halpin said his own car's wing mirror fell off after it hit another car.

He said he thought the accused should carry out a study on how to make wing mirrors "more robust".

"No matter how robust they were, they would probably still fall off with a kick," he added.

Moffett apologised for his actions and was "deeply embarrassed", his lawyer said. He had been "on a night out" and there was alcohol involved.

It was a one-off incident and Moffett was from a well-respected family in Co Monaghan, the lawyer added.

He was willing to make a €400 donation to charity. The judge struck the case out after this was done.