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Struggling student went psychotic after turning to cocaine


Judge noted that Oisin Noonan ‘was making a genuine effort’

Judge noted that Oisin Noonan ‘was making a genuine effort’

Judge noted that Oisin Noonan ‘was making a genuine effort’

A former engineering student who turned to cocaine because he felt inadequate after barely passing his exams has avoided a conviction by making a charitable donation.

Oisin Noonan (23) was caught with more than €600 worth of the drug at Rush Harbour.

A positive probation report was handed in to court stating that the defendant had engaged with the services in a "positive manner".

He also came up with €1,000 to offer as a charitable donation.

Last year, Judge Dermot Dempsey ordered that Noonan continue under the Probation Service's supervision after noting he "was making a genuine effort".

The defendant, of Tayleurs Point, Rush, pleaded guilty at Balbriggan District Court to being in unlawful possession of €640 worth of cocaine for sale or supply on October 15, 2018.

He also pleaded guilty to being in possession of the drug.

Noonan has no previous convictions and has not come to the garda's attention since the incident.


Defence barrister Annette Kealy said the defendant made admissions immediately and had provided the court with clean urine analysis to prove he is not taking any drugs.

"He was an engineering student and he barely passed his exams," said Ms Kealy.

"As a result, he felt inadequate and had low self-esteem and began taking cocaine which he said made him feel normal again. However, it triggered psychosis."

Ms Kealy said Noonan had not taken any drugs since October and wants to kick the habit.

"His parents are distraught and he feels he has let them down," she added.

Ms Kealy said the defendant also attended counselling.

"He has €1,000 as a charitable donation and is anxious not to get a conviction," she said.

Judge Dempsey said: "It's a very positive report."

After the money was handed in to court, the judge allocated €500 to Merchant's Quay and €500 to Little Blue Heroes.

He then struck the case out, leaving the defendant without a conviction.